The modular enclosures of HD Series are suitable for mounting on DIN Rail or on a wall. They have the possibility to  house two superimposed pcb's with same depth and width.

It is also possible to mount vertical pcb's, by using side guides.

The standard version allows to use any kind of connector or terminal block.

The enclosure is assembled by snapping the cover on the base, and therefore locking screws are not necessary.

With respect to traditional enclosures, the HD Series, when equipe with wide sidewalls (HDL o HDLAR), offers a definitely larger internal room, for transformer or big components (vertical section = 33mmx86mm).

The open-front version (HDA) the front panel can be flat or curved, in grey, clear, or transparent red.

The curved front panel are hinged, therefore allowing the access to the upper part of the enclosure.
The blind version ( HDC )  the front is not removable.

In order to avoid un wanted access, the housing can be closed by means of docking screws .

Standard material is Blend PC/ABS, on request UL94V0.  Standard colour is light grey RAL7035. Special corours on request.